Kidney stones can be dissolved and flushed out of the system with, There are several reasons to seek out kidney flush treatments using home remedies.

Kidney stone is a very painful disorder. It causes lots of discomfort while urinating and a general sense of nudging pain at the back side which makes it tough to perform day to day activities. Kidney stones also called calculus are formed when excretory products (mineral salts) in urine such as uric acid, calcium, (calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate) oxalic acid and phosphorous get crystallised or accumulated in kidneys to form a solid mass. However there are effective home remedies to flush out kidney stones that we will discuss with You.

Kidney Stone Home Remedy

Kidney Stone Home Remedy

Normally these stones are dissolved and they are flushed out. Urine has a substance that dissolves these stones and excretes them through urine. However when we don’t drink enough water these salts form a mass and don’t get dissolved. They form small or big crystals called stones. 90% of kidney stones are composed of calcium. When the size of kidney stones is too large, it is also difficult for them to get excreted naturally. Here are the top 7 home remedies for kidney stones for reducing or flushing out the stones in your body.

Top 7 Natural Home Remedies:


Apple is one of the easiest home remedy for kidney stone removal. It is believed that consuming fresh apple every day will help dissolve the kidney stones without any trouble. This is the reason why you must eat an apple every day if you are suffering from kidney stones.


Basil is a herb that is used widely in our everyday cooking. This herb is also a natural tonic for our kidneys and it helps to dissolve the kidney stones naturally. All you have to do is squeeze fresh basil juice, add honey and consume this for the next six months on a daily basis.


Grapes are also considered as a great remedy for curing kidney stones. This is because it contains a high quantity of water and potassium which is a vital ingredient for dissolving the stones in kidneys. This fruit is also considered best during such a time because it contains low quantity of sodium chloride and albumin.

Kidney Beans

They also help in flushing out the kidney stones by first dissolving them. You must have kidney beans daily to avoid and to flush kidney stones. Kidney beans are among the best home remedies to flush out kidney stones.


Eat lots of asparagus. It can be canned, fresh or even frozen can be consumed daily. This is because asparagus contains the compound asparagine that helps in breaking the stones in kidney. This compound helps make the stones small in size and easier to pass through urination. Eating this vegetable will also increase the activity within the kidney and increase the flow of urine. Thus, it helps in flushing the stones out completely from the system.

kidney stones remedies lemon juice

kidney stones remedies lemon juice


It is one of the best remedy for kidney stones. It is rich in water content and helps in expulsion of kidney stones effectively. In ancient times when no such medication foe kidney stones was available, doctors used to fed patients with water melon to flush out the stones.

Flaxseeds Tea

This is one of the effective natural methods to dissolve kidney stones. It helps in breaking and dissolving kidney stones. Having this tea daily will help in expulsion of kidney stones without pain. You can make the tea by boiling it’s leaves for some time, add some honey and lemon. Have this tea daily as it also helps to alleviate the pain.